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Each filtering bag obstacles they obstruct the player's path, making it difficult for him to advance in the race.

When the player bumps into one of them, the Inspector appears and pursues the player more closely, and if he stumbles again, the race is over. When hitting almost all obstacles head-on, the race ends instantly (except bushes and traffic lights)

Hoverboards give the player an extra life and prevent him from dying when hitting an obstacle.


  • 1 Trains
  • 2 Barriers
  • 3 Traffic lights
  • 4 Shrubs


Each filtering bag Trains (trains in English) are the main obstacle to the game. The objective of the game is to advance without crashing with any of them.

  • Some trains are fixed. Other trains will move, opposing the player.
  • Some more have ramps, with which one can climb on top of them and walk to collect coins and objects.

To avoid colliding with the trains, you must find another way to continue moving forward, use a ramp or some Super Tennis to jump them. If you can't use one of these resources, immediately use up one of your hoverboards.


HR barriers (dodges in English) are a very common roadblock. There are three types of barriers: the small barrier, the medium and the large one.

  • La girl it can be overcome by jumping (swipe up).
  • La median it can also be overcome by jumping or rolling under it (slide down).
  • La great it must be overcome by rolling under it.
Girl barrierTankbot crashing into a medium barrierGreat Barrera

Traffic lights

Passing by a stoplight

Each filtering bag semaphores appear between the rails of the rails.

There are missions that ask you to trip a certain number of times with the traffic lights. To do this, just as you pass next to one, you must change lanes so that you collide with the traffic light.


Occasionally appear shrubbery (bushes in English) on the way. You will stumble if you pass them without dodging them, and while this will not cause the player to lose, it will cause the Inspector to appear and hot on your heels.

Bush on the roadVariant of the bush with a red door
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