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    How to get more resources

    How to get more resources

    On this page you will find tips to accumulate more resources in the game, and thus, be able to advance quickly.

    How to get more resources?

    • Try to collect all the coin paths. Sometimes the best way is not the easiest, but the one that is most full of coins. Don't miss any!
    • Collect more Powers. The Super Tennis attracts all the objects that are under them when you are jumping, the Magnet of Coins attracts the coins of the three lanes, the Power Jumper (Power Jumper) allows you to travel down a small path of coins, and the Backpack Propelled it lifts you through the air, where you can follow a long path of coins.
    • Upgrade the Coin Magnet and the Powered Backpack first. You will have to invest a bit of coins in it, but you will not regret it, as you will be able to collect more coins for a longer time.
    • Complete the Daily Challenges. If you exceed 5 days in a row completing it, you will receive a Super Mystery Box as a gift, and if you are lucky, it can give you many coins and keys as a prize.
    • Connect to Facebook. So you can get coins for the times your friends run, you can participate in the Top Run, and if you get many medals, you can complete several Aerosol Trophies (and more keys), and each week you will receive a Super Mystery Box as a gift (see Store) .
      How to get more resources

      Super Mystery Boxes contain very valuable prizes.

    • Do not miss any key. Keys are a bit hard to come by on the trail, so when you find one, feel free to grab it!
    • Don't lose any Daily Videos. On the home screen, in the upper right corner, there is an icon that allows us to see a short ad in order to win 3  How to get more resources free, or a Super Mystery Box.
    • Complete the Seasonal Hunt. Sometimes, in the Seasonal Hunt, the reward for completing it is keys and bags of coins
    • Take advantage of Fabulous Fridays, because you can collect Super Mystery Boxes along the way.
    • And most importantly: invest your resources correctly. Do not invest them in characters or tables that are unnecessary. The first priority is that you complete most of the achievements and reach the multiplier x30, and in fact, these achievements will help you to have more resources.

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