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    As you run and surf through the trains, you can find power-ups along the way. These items give the player a certain power for a time, which can be upgraded.


    • 1 Super sneakers
    • 2 Coin Magnet
    • 3 2x multiplier
    • 4 "Power Jumper"
    • 5 Jetpack
    • 6 Super Mysterious
    • 7 Gallery
    • 8 Trivia

    Super sneakers

     Super shoes are used to jump on top of trains without ramps to get on. They can be used to collect seasonal hunt tokens, to collect mystery boxes, super mysteries, and other functions. There are boards like Bouncer

    who can wear super sneakers.

    They last 12 seconds, but if you spend enough, you can use it up to 17 seconds!

    Coin Magnet

    The Coin Magnet, or Coin Magnet in English, allows the player to attract the coins that are in the two lanes, to collect them.

    They last 12 seconds, but if you spend enough, you can use it up to 17 seconds!

    2x multiplier

    If you pause the game, you will notice your score doubled.

    They last 12 seconds, but if you spend enough, you can use it up to 17 seconds!

    "Power Jumper"

    This lifts you into the air to receive one more power-up (with a couple of coins). In this suspension, you cannot pick up a box, seasonal hunt token, or a key as a buff.

    Unlike the others, this booster cannot be upgraded as it cannot be upgraded in the store :(


    The Rocket Backpack or Jetpack in English, lifts the player into the air much longer than the Power Jumper, where the player can collect a series of coins. During this time and the player cannot collide with any obstacle.

    They last 12 seconds, but if you spend enough, you can use it up to 17 seconds!

    Super Mysterious

    Main article: Super Mysterious

    The Super Mystifier, or Super Mysterizer in English, is a special power that can only be collected every Monday, on Mystery Monday. It can randomly give the player, for a limited time: the possibility to perform Double Jump, double the coins, increase the multiplier by +10, or a random table.

    You can find one every Monday in the subway. Give random things.


    All four main powers activated at the same time. Something very difficult to achieve but not impossible


    • It is possible to reach the ceiling and walk through it using the Super Tennis (jumping from trains to the ceiling), and using the Rocket Backpack, the Power Jumper or the Advantage, since these powers lift the player towards the sky, and with a little luckily, if when its duration is up one lands on the roof, one can walk and collect coins along it.
    • The power of Super Tennis can be doubled if while using it, we take a Super Mystery on a Mystery Monday and this power gives us the Double Jump. Thus, we can jump twice and reach a height of four times a normal jump. And if we are approaching a roofed area, we can jump twice and fall on the roof.
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